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Enterprising people like situations that involve using resources for personal or corporate economic gain. Such people may have an opportunistic frame of mind, and are drawn to commerce, trade and making deals. Some pursue sales and marketing occupations. Many will eventually end up owning their own business, or in management roles in larger organisations. They tend to be very goal-oriented and work best when focused on a target. Some have an entrepreneurial inclination.


Many people in this sector will combine performing with other job. This can be a hard area in which to make a stable career, as very few make it to the top, it can be a rewarding way to make additional money from an activity you’re passionate about. Beyond performance, there are many careers available in the music industry, venues and dance companies supporting the performers and making sure the show goes on.


    design, communication, teamwork, leadership, researching information, time management, adaptability, attention to detail, project management, visual media, writing, creativity, managing resources, teamwork, education & training,

Key Facts

atteneded Irish Arts, Theatre & Comedy events
million euro contributed to the Irish economy annually by the music industry

Career and Training Opportunities with...

Gaiety School of Acting

We have been providing actor training in Ireland since 1986, and to this day pride ourselves on instilling hundreds of students every year with confidence, creativity and a love of the arts.

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BIMM Institute Dublin

We know how competitive the music industry can be to break into, so we offer committed career planning and support during your time as a student at BIMM.

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The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin

The Lir offers undergradate degrees, postgraduate degrees and short courses in the area of Drama for theatre, film and TV.

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Sharon Carty - Opera Singer
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Sharon Carty - Opera Singer

Megan McEvoy - Dancer
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Megan McEvoy - Dancer

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BIMM Dublin DT506  - TU Dublin - Dublin City
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BIMM Dublin DT506 - TU Dublin - Dublin City

Music CK104  - University College Cork
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Music CK104 - University College Cork

Arts Management DL822  - Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire
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Arts Management DL822 - Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire