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The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with sophiscticated technology. These types prefer mentally stimulating environments and often pay close attention to developments in their chosen field.

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TV and Online Video

TV and Online Video

Television is full of activity in Ireland, with programmes produced and broadcast in a wide variety of genres and mediums. TV projects produced and broadcast in Ireland include animation, live sports, documentaries, news and current affairs, music performances, children's programmes and dramas.

Careers in the TV industry include broadcasters, TV presenters, producers, camera operatives, sound engineers, lighting technicians, script writers, directors, researchers, animators, content creators, make up artists, hair stylists and more. Working culture in this sector is very creative, hard-working, fast-paced and flexible.

All aspects of creating a TV show from concept to exhibition requires a specific job role. Content creation jobs are the editorial and creative roles responsible for the story content of a production, the craft of a screen production can cover everything from the costume and make-up of the cast to the construction of the set itself. Technical roles on productions cover everything from camerawork and sound recording to wiring lighting.

Creating a big-budget show is a huge undertaking, and management and logistics cover all aspects of actually getting a production made. Post-production is the editing work done on a programme. Sales, exhibition and distribution covers the teams responsible for getting creative work out there and seen. 

As with print media and radio, the internet is changing TV rapidly. Many people now consume shows on demand and online, for younger generations this is the primary way of consuming tv which means the industry requires far more people to fill technical roles that were never required before.

Even websites and newspapers are now major producers of documentaries and comedy shows, using online streaming to make them available. This means that those moving into working in the space will need to be fluent with the online world. 

Occupations in TV and Online Video
(sorted by Job Zone)

First Assistant Director - TV/Film

The First Assistant Director (1st A.D.) is the link between the Director, the cast and crew.

Makeup Artist Assistant - TV/Film

Works alongside the Makeup Artist to apply make-up and style hair for anyone appearing in front of a camera or a live audience.

Floor Manager - TV / Film

Floor managers act as a link between the director in the control room and the studio floor. They supervise camera and sound crew and other technicians.

Location Manager - TV / Film

Determines the number and range of locations, and the duration for which they will be required for TV and film shoots.

Costume Design Assistant - TV/Film

Works alongside the Costume Designer to look after all the clothes and costumes used in a production.

Stunt Artist

Stands in as a double for an actor to perform stunts and other dangerous scenes in a film or television show.

Broadcasting - Presenter

Presenters in broadcasting work in radio and television. They may introduce programmes, link items together, give out information and make apologies for interruptions.

Broadcasting Engineer
Develop, maintain, and supports the equipment used to make television, radio and web broadcasts.
Broadcasting Production Assistant

Provides practical support to the director and production team during the making of films and television programmes, so that the production runs smoothly and on time.

Director - TV/Film

The director is responsible for all the creative and technical tasks involved in realising a film or television programme.

Media Researcher

Finds entertaining and interesting information, people and places for TV and radio programmes.

Television / Radio Presenter

Present and host radio and television shows and programmes.

Make-Up Artist - TV/Film

Uses make-up to either enhance or characterise a persons features for on stage, film or television.

Script Supervisor - TV / Film

The Script Supervisor attends rehearsals to note and time the actor's delivery of dialogue and informs the Director if it's not consistent with the original timing of the script.

Camera Operator

Operates the camera equipment needed to make films, videos and TV programmes.

Production Assistant - Film

Assists a producer supervising and managing the production of a film, television or theatrical productions.

Arts agent / Promoter

Arts agents/promoters work to create and maintain contacts, for example gaining media coverage and exhibitions in galleries, to promote an artist and their work.


Brings animation and cartoons to life on both film and video following a pre-planned storyboard. They use drawing, modelling or computer graphics to make pictures and models come to life in order to entertain and/or inform people.

Broadcasting Researcher

Works within a production team in television and radio searching out information, locations, people and archive material for producers and writers of television and radio programmes.

Creative Director

Creates and overseas the creative design of a project.

Journalist - Radio / Television

Radio/television journalists report on news items. It is necessary to respond to a story at very short notice and have the material ready by a deadline.

Journalist / Reporter

Reports news, sport & fashion information for newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.