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Administrative people are interested in work that offers security and a sense of being part of a larger process. They may be at their most productive under supervisors who give clear guidelines and while performing routine tasks in a methodical and reliable way.

They tend to enjoy clerical and most forms of office work, where they perform essential administrative duties. They often form the backbone of large and small organisations alike. They may enjoy being in charge of office filing systems, and using computers and other office equipment to keep things running smoothly. They usually like routine work hours and prefer comfortable indoor workplaces.

Working with the Garda Reserve

Working with the Garda Reserve

What are the main occupation types employed?

While not a career, the Garda Reserve gives its members an intense training course and teaches valuable skills.

What types of work contract are offered?


Service in the Garda Reserve is voluntary and unpaid. An allowance is payable by the Garda Commissioner to Garda Reserve members who complete a minimum of 208 hours duty annually in respect of expenses incurred in performing their duties, the amount of which will be determined by the Minister for Finance.

A member of the Garda Reserve may not be required to serve more than 208 hours duty in any 12 month period. (Average of 4 hours per week).

What are the key attractions?

Working as a member of the Garda Reserve is challenging and unpredictable. You never know what the next call will be or what you will be faced with.  You are helping the people of Ireland whether on duty in the public office or patrolling with a full time colleague. You are supporting and helping your full time colleagues in every way you can.

The value of the work of the Garda Reserve at community level is very important. Members can attend meetings of community policing groups – they have an important role supporting full-time gardaí in working for the community and being a source of assurance for the elderly and vulnerable.

Being a member of the Garda Reserves allows you give something back to your community on a voluntary basis, not only benefittng  those around you but also having a very positive effect on your own self esteem.

What locations do you operate from?

The Garda Reserves work all over the country. It is the aim of the Garda Síochána to try to facilitate Reserves as close to their home areas as possible.

What are the current employment trends?

Recruitment to the Garda Reserve is currently open for applications.  Visit the Public Appointments Service (PAS) to apply.

Describe any particular characteristics of your workforce?

  • The current strength of the Garda Reserve is 663
  • 182 are women, 481 are men
  • The average age of a female Reserve is 36, compared to 40 for male Reserves
  • 20 different nationalities are represented including people who are Iranian, Polish, Nigerian, Italian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Indian and Chinese
  • Backgrounds vary from fitness instructors to firemen to bank clerks

Garda reservists serve 6-7 years on average. more than 200 Garda Reservists have gone on to pursue full-time careers in the organisation

[@March 2017]