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Realists are usually interested in 'things' - such as buildings, mechanics, equipment, tools, electronics etc. Their primary focus is dealing with these - as in building, fixing, operating or designing them. Involvement in these areas leads to high manual skills, or a fine aptitude for practical design - as found in the various forms of engineering.

Realists like to find practical solutions to problems using tools, technology and skilled work. Realists usually prefer to be active in their work environment, often do most of their work alone, and enjoy taking decisive action with a minimum amount of discussion and paperwork.

Digital Radio Production

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Digital Radio Production - 5M4511
Radio is a dynamic and changing field of modern media production and these courses have been designed to give learners the latest skills and experience to begin a career in this exciting area. Learn what it takes to become a radio presenter through the production of a range of radio items including interviews, music shows, jingles and location recordings, all guided by experienced radio presenters and producers in a fully digital production environment. Learners will also be part of the team that runs The Wave, the DFEi radio station.