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WorkXperience - Promoting Employability

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Promoting Employability
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WorkXperience - Promoting employability in the work place.

One of the purposes of a work placement is to enhance the employability of eventual school leavers by providing them with the opportunity to understand and practice what is needed to be successful in the workplace. In preparing students for a work placement, Guidance Counsellors will have worked with the students to help them understand the different competencies that make someone employable and have provided guidance on how students might improve on these competencies during work experience.

When providing a work placement, employers should try and embed some of these competencies into their students experience by setting employability-based tasks and activities. These are available in the 'Resources' area when you participate in the WorkXperience programme. Where possible, employers should also provide feedback to the student at the end of their placement as to their performance in these tasks and competencies.

Schools and students understand that due to the limited nature of the placement the tasks assigned may be of a low level and routine in nature. However, it is important to ensure that during their work placement, students have the opportunity to observe as many processes as possible and to interact with staff and customers where feasible. This provides them with the opportunity to develop some of their key personal and employability skills.

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