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TY Community Action/Work Placement
Friends of the Elderly  

Availability: Year Round  -
County: Dublin City Centre
Offer Preferences  One week continuous

School Programme 

Company/Organisation Profile 

Friends of the Elderly is an Irish volunteer based charity established in 1980 to bring friendship and companionship to older people living alone or who feel lonely. Since opening our doors we have been working to improve the lives our older members by offering emotional and social support. With a small staff and a dedicated crew of volunteers, we reach out in various ways to our older neighbours. Our goal is to enable our older members to maintain their independence while helping them feel connected to a larger community. We offer volunteers the opportunity to join our older members in friendship and celebration of life.

Our focus is on a practical approach to dealing with loneliness and social isolation, alleviating its effects by providing social engagement programmes such as Home Visitation, Friendly Call Service, Social Club and organising Day Trips or Social Events. In the last year we were privileged to touch the lives of up to 500 older women and men, all with the help of over 150 volunteers. Friends of the Elderly receives no government funding: all funds are raised from individual and corporate donors. We want to thank everyone for their support.


Placement Details 

Friends of the Elderly recognise the benefits of bringing young and old together. Each year we facilitate student placements in 25 Bolton Street. We want the students to gain experience in all aspects of our organisation. We want to increase awareness of the important contribution students have to offer elderly people and the value of our elderly in the community.

Through our placements at Friends of the Elderly we will offer the students a chance to host some small events and clubs for our older members. The students will be responsible for the design and distribution of cards for our older friends and help with our weekly social clubs, office administration and campaigns.

Work experience, Community action and volunteering are great ways to find out what sort of work the student enjoys and can give them the opportunity to sample a wide range of subject areas.

Benefits of TY placements with us:

-To give students a different view on life and to connect with our older friends.

-Increase awareness in young people of the important contribution they make to an older person’s life.

-Promote social and personal development through friendship and Intergenerational activities with our older members.

-Develop new communication skills and learn to dispel some myths about aging.

-Increased awareness and understanding of the challenges that older adults face and of the need for greater respect for our older community.

As part of the requirement for placements the student is expected to attend an induction day which usually takes place in October.

How to Apply

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