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Cutting Edge Careers Programme
Intel Ireland 


This Programme is run throughout the school term. The school can request a session via e-mail.  

Location  A member of the Intel team will visit your school. Irish Headquarters of Intel: Collinstown Park, Leixlip 
County Kildare 
Offer Preferences  One day a week, 5 days

School Programme 

Company/Organisation Profile 

Ireland is Intel's centre of manufacturing excellence in Europe. Since 1989, Intel has invested almost $8.0 billion, turning 360 acres of the Collinstown Industrial Park into the most advanced industrial campus in Europe.

Over the past 2 decades Intel in Ireland has come to represent a diversity of activities across the spectrum of Intel business from advanced manufacturing to cutting edge research and design. Today, Intel has 5,200 employees across the island of Ireland. 

Intel in Ireland

The majority of the Intel workface in Ireland are based at the Leixlip campus in County Kildare which is the location for Intel’s hi-volume, advanced manufacturing facilities which produce 300mm wafers on multiple process technologies. These combined manufacturing facilities, which produce leading-edge silicon products, constitute one of Intel's most technologically advanced, high-volume manufacturing sites in the world.

There are 250 employees at the Intel Shannon campus who work to deliver Intel’s strategies in the Communications & Storage Infrastructure, Automotive and Retail spaces with a specific focus on the Communications and Storage Infrastructure Group, the Automotive Solutions Division and the Retail Solutions Division.

Other Intel operations in Ireland include McAfee, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel and which has had significant operations in Cork since 2004 where today it employs 347 people. Dublin headquartered games technologies company Havok is also an Intel company with 120 employees who are focussed on servicing the most demanding technical requirements for leading customers in the commercial games and entertainment industry.

Research is at the heart of Intel Ireland

The core of advanced manufacturing capability which Intel has developed in Ireland is a key enabler for numerous research and development initiatives that are carried out across the country. There is a dedicated team of employees involved in Silicon Nanoelectronics Research who collaborate extensively with research institutes such as the CRANN Nanoscience Research Centre in Trinity College Dublin and the Tyndall National Research Institute in Cork. The team also collaborates with universities and other companies from across Ireland and Europe. 

Also located at the Leixlip campus is the Innovation Open Lab – Ireland. The lab is home to a research team which facilitates and engages in open research and innovation opportunities in Europe that can ultimately lead to value-driven technology solutions. The lab, which is a member and network leader of Intel Labs Europe, is focused on energy and sustainability, and dependable cloud and services research.

Additionally, Intel Ireland is involved in a leadership role with three Technology Centres in Ireland - The Energy Research Centre (I2E2), The Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR), and The Innovation Value Institute (IVI). Alongside additional open research initiatives our leadership in the technology centres strengthens our collaborations with industry and academia.

Intel Ireland cares for the world around us

Intel strives to be a trusted, leading corporate citizen and corporate responsibility at Intel Ireland reflects a deep respect for people and for communities. Intel Ireland employees are deeply involved in a number of activities and programs in the communities where they live and work, and are committed to making positive contributions to them.

They work to advance environmental sustainability and to minimise their environmental footprint every day, striving to achieve energy efficiency not only in their products, but also in their operations by reducing energy emissions and energy costs. 


Placement Details 

Cutting edge careers is a 60 - 90 minute session targeted at senior cycle secondary school students that helps to promote careers in the STEM sector.

It's focus is to educate and provide understanding of the opportunities that exist in technology, engineering and science related fields.

What will it involve?

As part of the program, an Intel employee will visit your school and host the session which includes:

  • Q&A Session 
  • Presentation

Cutting Edge Careers is ideal for Transition Year students or final year students who are considering a career in the world of technology and engineering.


How to Apply

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