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WorkXperience - Types of Work Experience

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WorkXperience - Types of Work Placement

There are two common types of work placement opportunities sought by students, Work Experience and Work Shadowing.

Work Experience
This is the most common option and involves the student participating in the daily work of their chosen area. This is a hands-on placement, and students are expected to do some work, learn some skills, and contribute in some way.

Work Shadowing
Shadowing involves the student closely observing someone in the workplace doing a particular role rather than taking on the working role itself. It offers the student excellent insight into what a particular job involves and the skills it requires. Typically, work shadowing is shorter than a work experience, generally lasting a single day.

School Programmes and Work Placements

Both the Leaving Certificate Applied & Vocational Programme have work placements as an integral part of their programmes.

  • Leaving Certificate Applied students are required to do two modules of work experience, each of two weeks duration, over the two-year programme. Two further modules of two weeks each may be taken within LCA module choices. Credits are awarded for these modules.
  • Leaving Cert Vocational students have work experience as an optional module and is of one week duration. Credits are awarded for this module.
  • Transition Year students normally have two weeks’ work experience, usually at different times of the year.

Social Placements are another form of work experience. Students are placed for one or two weeks in a nursing home, hostel or care centre. The purpose of the placement is to increase students’ social awareness.

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