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WorkXperience - Teachers

Teacher Guidelines [pdf - 830Kb]



WorkXperience - a community supported schools programme

Work placements are a popular activity for TY students, and form an important part of both the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) and Vocational (LCVP) programmes. These placements can be invaluable learning opportunities for students and are often referred to by them as one of the highlights of their school year.

Work placements allow students to not only learn about the world of work and explore possible career options but also to actively develop skills for future enterprise and employability.

Organising a work experience programme for students can be a complex task. Depending on resources available, geographical location and students needs, schools have implemented a variety of approaches to organising placements. For the LCVP and LCA, work placements are an integral part of the programme, typically last one week (LCVP) and two weeks (LCA), and are organized by the programme teachers. For TY, some schools will prefer to send out students on one or two week blocks while others find that a system of weekly day-release works better.

Sometimes a single teacher or the Guidance Counsellor will be responsible for the programme, while in large schools the tasks may be divided among a core team. There is no one right approach, but it is essential that responsibility for the programme is clearly allocated so as to ensure a structured and beneficial programme for all.

The online REACH+ WorkXperience programme is designed to streamline the process of organising and delivering an effective work experience for schools, saving time and resources. It uses a whole-school approach, allowing multiple teachers manage as many placements and placement types with ease.

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