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WorkXperience - The Employers Role

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WorkXperience - Understanding the role of the Employer

The co-operation of employers in providing work experience placements is pivotal to the success of any work experience programme. The CareersPortal WorkXperience programme provides a guided approach to work placements, from both students and employers perspective.

When providing work experience placements, employers are asked to facilitate the placement by:

  • Providing an induction/training session to the student on their first day explaining the nature of the company’s business, the student’s role, how the students work will be monitored and assessed, and any health and safety requirements.
  • Providing the student with a supervisor/trainer/buddy who will show them around and oversee their daily work.
  • Providing feedback to the student at the end of their placement – this is often done on a feedback form provided by the school to the employer.

While the school, or you as parents, cannot always guarantee that the employer will abide by these guidelines, it is normal that employers will take these matters into account. Employers are also usually well aware that these young people are likely to be inexperienced, unaware of health and safety risks and may be quite nervous about the placement.

Where feasible, the Career Guidance Counsellor or a teacher from the school may try and visit each student on site during work experience. This may not be possible in many schools due to the number of students involved and monitoring by the school may be carried out by phone calls to the employer and student.

If as a parent you feel your child is experiencing any difficulty during their placement, e.g. not getting on with people or concerned about the nature of the tasks they have been assigned, you should immediately contact the school Guidance Counsellor or teacher in charge of the programme.


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