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WorkXperience - Sourcing Work Placements

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Sourcing Work Placements
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WorkXperience - Sourcing Work Placements

The practice of sourcing work experience placements varies from school to school. Some schools encourage students to find their own work experience placement while others have developed partnerships with local employers, and it may be the role of the Career Guidance Counsellor to assign students to the various placements available. Whatever the practice in your school, parents can be a very valuable resource to schools, suggesting possibilities, providing contacts, and in some cases providing actual placements.

Where your son/daughter has to source their own work experience you may be able to lend a hand by drawing on contacts that you may have to help source a position. However, it is important that your son/daughter should also put some effort in securing the role by still submitting an application/CV and making follow-up phone calls where necessary.

In terms of finding out what it is like to work in a new and different environment, it is usually recommended that students do not opt to work in a family business or where another family member is working. However, if you have a family business, perhaps you could offer a placement to another student in your child’s school.

Some placement opportunities may be found by searching our Placements Database. If a placement is found, and your son/daughters school is on the WorkXperience programme, then they will be able to apply for the position. Students must be logged in to CareersPortal to view the contact details and application procedures.

If you are in a business and would like to offer a work placement, you can advertise the opportunity in the WorkXperience Placements Database. This is a free service and is accessible from the Employers area.

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