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WorkXperience - Before, During and After

Teacher Guidelines [pdf - 830Kb]



WorkXperience - Debriefing and Evaluation

To complete the learning process, it is important for students to have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and what they gained from it. This might take the form of written assignments (in the case of LCA & LCVP), completing evaluation worksheets or simply engaging in a classroom discussion. Some of the debriefing questions which students should discuss are:

  • How the experience has influenced them or changed their perspective.
  • The skills they used, observed, needed.
  • Competencies they may need to improve on.
  • Insights they gained into the world of work.
  • How relevant the experience is to their subject choices and future career decisions.

Getting each student to present a summary of their experience to the whole class is recommended as it develops many core skills as well as providing insight into the working life of a variety of career areas to all students.

Most schools also give students a copy of the employers evaluation form provided by the employer. This provides useful feedback about the student from the employers perspective.

Students should also be encouraged as part of the completion process to write ‘Thank You’ letters to the employers.

Participation on work experience programmes would normally form part of a student’s overall assessment at the end of a school year. Student’s diaries and reports, employers’ reports and perhaps notes made by a visiting teacher could all form part of the assessment. In addition the assessment should reflect the effort a student has put into the whole process from preparation to de-briefing.

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