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WorkXperience - Sourcing Placements

Teacher Guidelines [pdf - 830Kb]



WorkXperience - Sourcing Work Placements

The practice of sourcing work experience placements varies from school to school. Some schools encourage students to find their own work experience placement while others have developed partnerships with local employers. It may be the role of the Guidance Counsellor or programme coordinator (TY, LCA, LCVP) to assign students to the various placements available or it may be a combination of both approaches.

Ways for the student or school to source work placements:

  • Search for placements in the WorkXperience section of this site.
  • Contact employers who provided placements for your school students in previous years. If it is the students’ job to source placements, information could be provided to students on where placements were secured previously.
  • Approach businesses in the local area to support the school. If the student is making the approach, explain the process of making a phone call and following up with a letter (see the worksheet: Work Placements: Student Worksheet).
  • Encourage students to network with family and friends to find out what opportunities might be available. It is usually recommended that students do not opt to work in a family business or where another family member is working. The school can also directly correspond with parents – parents can be a very valuable resource to schools suggesting possibilities, providing contacts and in some cases providing actual placements.
  • Many well known organisations and public bodies run transition year work experience programmes every year. They usually have an application process, an early closing date and a lot of interested applicants. Research a list of these organisations and display details with closing dates etc. on the student notice board.
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