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WorkXperience - Essential Elements

Teacher Guidelines [pdf - 830Kb]



WorkXperience - Essential elements of a Successful Programme

In order for your work experience to be successful, a number of key elements need to be addressed:

  • Ensuring clear communication about the programme to all parties involved, i.e. students, parents and employers
  • Preparing students prior to their work experience so as to ensure that it is a valuable learning experience
  • Monitoring putting in place a system to monitor students when on work placement
  • Documenting ensuring appropriate records and consent forms are kept
  • De-briefing and assessing the students on completion of their placement
  • Evaluating the programme at the year end


The communication process around the whole work experience needs to be handled in a planned and coordinated way so as to ensure that everyone involved and affected is kept fully informed. Students need to be informed of the plans early in the school year so that they have adequate time to prepare and find placements.

Parents need to be informed of proposed dates, insurance issues, consent requirements and may be invited to assist in providing placements where possible (see the worksheet: Work Placements: Parent Guidelines)

Employers need to be communicated with before, during and after placements (see the worksheet: Work Placements: Employers Guidelines)

Staff as the absence of the students on work experience will affect all other teachers lesson planning, all teachers involved with the class groups need to know the dates and duration of the work experience well in advance.


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