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Not surprisingly, some aspect of the natural sciences will run through the Naturalist's interests - from ecological awareness to nutrition and health. People with an interest in horticulture, land usage and farming (including fish) are Naturalists.

Some Naturalists focus on animals rather than plants, and may enjoy working with, training, caring for, or simply herding them. Other Naturalists will prefer working with the end result of nature's produce - the food produced from plants and animals. Naturalists like solving problems with solutions that show some sensitivity to the environmental impact of what they do. They like to see practical results and prefer action to talking and discussing.

Leaving Cert 2018

CAO 2019 Key Dates

First things first - familiarise yourself with the Key Dates over the Leaving Cert and CAO Application and Offers period. 

View a list of Key Dates

These dates may be amended - watch out for information updates. A full list key of dates is available from the SEC.

Here is a message from the President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors about the Leaving Cert Results Helpline and the support that is available to all students. Click here to read. 

Important information for applicants

  1. Do not panic. If you have followed the few simple CAO instructions, you will not lose any place to which you are entitled.
  2. Read the CAO HandbookESPECIALLY PAGES 17 to 21.
  3. Read the documents sent by CAO in May.
  4. Do not miss the deadline for accepting the offer. If you do, the place will be offered to another applicant.
  5. There is no need to inform CAO if you do NOT wish to accept an offer.
  6. Due to the large numbers of people involved, it will be very difficult to telephone or fax the CAO at the Offer Stage. However, with every Offer Notice, applicants are given an information sheet. Applicants are advised to read the common questions and answers on the back of the information sheet. All written enquiries received from applicants are processed as fast as possible by the CAO. Enquiries should be made by using the ‘Contact’ facility on the CAO website.
  7. When calculating points for Leaving Certificate, remember that only your best 6 subjects are counted.
  8. Acceptance of offers cannot be made by telephone, fax or email. Only (a) an online acceptance, or (b) the arrival in CAO of the appropriate part of an Offer Notice, will secure a place. DO NOT DO BOTH. If you accept both ways, you could end up in the wrong course. We will record the last acceptance to arrive.
  9. When making an online acceptance, make sure that you follow ALL of the directions on the screen. If you post a paper acceptance, be sure to get a Certificate of Posting. There are four such Certificates in the inside back cover of the Handbook.
  10. If you wish to defer the place until next year, read page 20 of the Handbook. Do not contact CAO.


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